The Path to Direct Sales Success with Katy Ursta

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The Path to Direct Sales Success with Katy Ursta

The Path to Direct Sales Success with Katy Ursta

On today’s episode, I have Katy Ursta, co-founder of Chic Influencer, a company that specializes in creating customized personal brand strategy for clients. Katy is also the co-author of the Direct Sales Done Right Planner and lead speaker in the Direct Sales Done Right Community. We discuss all things direct sales for female entrepreneurs and how to build confidence to boost your business.  

Talking Points:

06:50 Building Beliefs          

10:50 Overcoming Obstacles               

20:26 Take Small Steps          

27:25 Grow as you Go        

Building Beliefs                  

Consistency and personalized, audience friendly content is the first part of marketing and direct sales. Be a guide, not a hero. Draw connections from relatable situations and build belief around the opportunity. Believe in yourself in order for others to believe in you.    

Overcoming Obstacles               

You might run into personal, internal issues or external resistance. It’s important to rise above it all and keep pushing, even when times get tough. Do business building activities. Take advantage of the time that you have to work on things. Reach out to others and put yourself out there. Come up with routines and take care of yourself by prioritizing wellness.     

Take Small Steps                  

Don’t look at the end result and be overwhelmed by how you’re going to get there. Take small steps every day and celebrate your small wins. Commit to the process, understand that things aren’t always going to go exactly as planned, and refocus on what you can do in that moment to support the bigger picture.  

Grow as you Go                    

Decide if you want to go all in or keep your business ventures as a hobby, and make sure your goals and actions align with what you’re looking to achieve. Create brand awareness content for people to connect with you and know what you do. Create engagement content with your own spin. Have sales content and guide them through the opportunity or product promotion. Don’t let the idea of perfection stop you, grow along the way.   

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