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How To Recognize and Manage Burnout with Dr. Sharon Grossman

Finding Balance and Fulfillment in Transformation with Alyson Caffrey

On today’s episode, I have guest Dr. Sharon Grossman, aka “The Burnout Doc”, a psychologist and speaker who specializes in mindset when it comes to burnout. Burnout is something that is often overlooked, but it’s a serious issue that affects many people, many of whom are unaware that it is the root cause of how they are feeling on a daily basis. We dig into causes of burnout, the psychology behind it, how to manage it, and what changes need to be made to start feeling whole and fulfilled again. 

Talking Points:

03:10 Seeing Patterns of Burnout          

08:10 Recognizing Burnout                  

11:00 How You View Things           

12:44 Personality Types 

18:20 Finding Your Joy         


Seeing Patterns of Burnout                 

While studying psychology, Dr. Grossman was told to watch out for burnout since it was something that happened often in the field. She decided to schedule her days to help prevent burnout, and as she continued in her practice, she started to notice burnout as a common theme among her patients. She started to think about how burnout is oftentimes overlooked and how there is a lack of tools available to help manage it. This is when she knew she wanted to start focusing on helping patients manage burnout.   

Recognizing Burnout                  

The big question that often comes up about burnout is, how do you know if you’re experiencing burnout or if you’re just stretched thin? It all lies in stress. Stress is normal and even healthy for growth in small doses, but if you start to experience a large amount of stress, this is a clear sign that you’re in the stages of burnout. You might be going through the motions, but if your brain isn’t activated by what you’re doing, you have hit the point of burnout.      

How You View Things                  

Dr. Grossman studied not only what to do about experiencing burnout, but what gets you there in the first place. Stress is about perception, so you have to look at how you’re viewing something and the story you are telling yourself about it. You have to be able to ask yourself what you’re contributing that you actually have control over that you can change to transform your experience. 

Personality Types                       

Thinkers and perfectionists have to be especially careful about burnout because they tend to zone in on one thing and overthink everything, which keeps them constantly striving to do better. Feelers and people pleasers are the second kind of person that need to be careful because they are continuously helping others over themselves and neglecting their own needs. The last group that needs to be particularly careful about burnout is the doer, people who tend to spin on a hamster wheel that doesn’t actually have an end in sight.   

Finding Your Joy 

There are a lot of things that can contribute to burnout. The key is to ask yourself what you want and adjust the way you’re currently living in order to start living in a more balanced and grounded way. Finding your purpose and what will bring you joy will help keep burnout at bay. Burnout is not a quick fix, but a process that involves changing patterns and beliefs to reduce stress and bring more fulfillment into your life. 

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