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The Power of Community & Mindset in Podcasting with Wren Robbins

In this episode, I have Wren Robbins, a former kindergarten teacher turned podcast coach extraordinaire. Wren shares her journey from teaching to entrepreneurship, her strategies for balancing work and family life, and her insights on overcoming fears and doubts. We dig into the importance of community in finding clients and the power of podcasting as a tool for business growth. 

Talking Points:

06:46 Discovering a Business Inside 

Wren realized she had a business inside of her. It was a nudge, a feeling that she couldn’t ignore. She emphasizes the importance of paying attention to those nudges and investing in professional development to nurture our hidden talents and potential. Transitioning from being a podcast host to a podcast coach was a natural progression for her. Word of mouth played a significant role in growing her business. 

09:33 Making Money through Podcasting

Wren discusses the various ways to monetize a podcast from direct methods to indirect methods. Wren shares how she discovered her love for podcast coaching and helping people grow their businesses. There can be a tendency to downplay our own knowledge and ideas. We all have something valuable to offer, and it’s essential to embrace and share our knowledge with confidence.

21:17 Finding Your First Clients

Wren shares how word of mouth and community connections played a significant role in finding her first few clients and customers. Building relationships and nurturing a supportive network is important. Sometimes, the people around us can be our biggest advocates and help us kickstart our entrepreneurial journey. Starting a new venture can be overwhelming, but having a trusted friend or mentor who can provide guidance and support can make all the difference. 

28:38 The Hardest Parts and the Best Parts  

Some of the hurdles Wren mentions about Entrepreneurship include staying focused, avoiding the comparison trap, and maintaining the correct mindset. The best parts for her include the flexibility, passion, and ripple effect that comes with pursuing our own ventures. The ability to create our own schedule, follow our passions, and make a positive impact on others’ lives make a big difference. 

Resources from this episode:

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