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How to Stop Overthinking and Start Doing with Molly Asplin

In this episode, I tackle the issue of overthinking among entrepreneurs, especially those new to the business or undergoing a career pivot. Overthinking, often fueled by fear and perfectionism, can lead to negative thought patterns, indecision, and missed opportunities. I want to help listeners recognize and overcome the effects of overthinking by being decisive and confident, and start taking action for personal growth and to create impactful businesses.

Talking Points:

00:02 Roadblocks 

New entrepreneurs have a tendency to overthink. This pattern can mess with your decision-making process and get in the way of the growth of your business. Why is overthinking such a detrimental habit? The main issue is that it can overwhelm you with constant worry and prevent you from taking the necessary steps to grow.

04:15 Decisiveness

Fear has this ability to paralyze us, making us overly cautious and stopping us from engaging in the actions that could lead to our success. In the realm of leadership, decisiveness is an important trait. It’s essential to make informed decisions and stand by them. This is key to steering your business in the right direction and achieving your goals.

13:49 Your Vision 

A piece of advice for those who find themselves preoccupied with the judgments of others — it’s time to shift your focus. Embrace your personal values and convictions, particularly when you’re at the forefront of creating something new. Your unique vision is what will set you apart. Overcoming the pattern of overthinking and springing into action will open up opportunities to make a difference.

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Molly Asplin 

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