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Secrets of Success to Perform at Your Highest Level with Alan Stein, Jr.

What an honor to interview author & speaker, Alan Stein Jr., about one of my FAVORITE topics — high performance. 

Alan’s new book, Sustain Your Game, had a meaningful impact on me when I read it earlier this summer, and I was thrilled to have this conversation with him to really dive in.  Applying concepts from this book helped me BREAK MY PLATEAU and unlock the next version of myself. 

You can grab your copy of the book here.

We discuss the importance of FOCUS in a world that is more distracted than ever, how to overcome stagnation and complacency, the importance of being a CONSISTENT leader, and how to pivot and prevail to make a long term, lasting impact in your life.

This conversation is for high performers like me who want to learn practical strategies and action steps to sustain your own game!

Alan believes that each of us will always be under construction, a work in progress, and constantly evolving. The goal is to be moving toward our highest potential, toward making a meaningful contribution, and toward becoming the best version of ourselves.

Connect with Alan on Instagram @alansteinjr and be sure to take a screenshot of your favorite takeaway and tag me @molly.asplin and Alan @alansteinjr so that we can shout you out & spread the word!

Learn more about Alan here

Stronger Teams & Coaching with Alan here

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