How to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

In this episode, I discuss the common feeling of “I’m in a funk!” and how to get out of it.

We all have periods of time where we feel off or in a funk.  The part to know, however, is that you can teach yourself how to recover faster and feel better faster vs. staying stuck.

I believe feeling low/down can happen for several different reasons, and it’s helpful to know what triggered your funk in the first place — a vacation where you just got out of your routine, a disruption to the habits that make you feel good, a season change, or a life event.  Nonetheless – it’s important we learn to navigate all seasons to prevent ourselves from going into funks that last too long!

We discuss how best to get out of a funk and specific tactics that will leave you feeling empowered and in control of you, despite what might be going on around you.

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Molly Asplin

Molly Asplin

I founded Team Hustle With Heart, which is a powerhouse of dynamic women who are driven and committed. We value relationships, community, and believe in collaboration over competition. We are here to bring good to the world, make a difference, and dream bigger together.

I am married to my husband, Steve, and we have 2 little daughters. We love being outside, staying active together, and traveling as much as we can! I look forward to getting to know you better and want to thank you for being here – I am so grateful to do what I do everyday!

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