Finding Your Stride Through Postpartum with Molly Asplin

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Finding Your Stride Through Postpartum with Molly Asplin

Today, we’re digging into how to navigate your time during the postpartum period as a working mom. As a mom of three, this is something I’ve had to navigate myself, so I want to share some things I put into place that have helped me with the flow of daily life following the arrival of our children. I hope to provide some helpful info to ease the process so you can be successful in life and your career during this particular chapter of parenthood.

Talking Points:

01:14 New Routines 

Let’s talk about the postpartum period. It’s a wild ride, isn’t it? Everything’s changing — your routine, your body, your mindset. It’s a time when you really need a lot of support and understanding from those around you. Adapting to a new daily routine can be tough. I’m right there with you trying to find those moments for self-care and managing all the new expectations, so we really need to take it one step at a time.

10:02 Strategies for Support  

Running a business while navigating motherhood is no small feat. I’ve been working on strategies to keep things afloat, having open communication with my spouse, asking for help when I need it, and figuring out what tasks need to come first. To all the new moms out there, I want to send some encouragement your way. Celebrate the small victories and remember, the challenges you’re facing now will gradually get easier. Hang in there.

16:58 Finding Your Footing

I’ll be honest, going from two to three kids was a tough transition for me. The mental and emotional struggle was real after my third child was born. I had all these ideas about what having a third child would be like, but let me tell you, the reality was something else entirely. It took some time, but I finally found a rhythm at home with three kids. It’s all about finding what works for you and your family.

20:00 Staying Strong 

All of the challenging times during this period might seem endless now, but I promise you, they’ll become a memory before you know it. Looking back on my experiences, I just want to offer a bit of encouragement. The struggles you’re facing now are only temporary. You’ve got this, and you’re not alone. 

Thank you for listening to this episode! Please take a screenshot and share your biggest takeaway on your Instagram stories and tag me @molly.asplin so that I can shout you out! Until next time, 

Molly Asplin 

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