Creating An Online Brand From The Ground Up: Work Ethic, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Work Life Balance as a Mom with Lindsey Bomgren
Creating an online brand

In this episode, I chat about building an online brand from the ground up with guest, Lindsey Bomgren.  You will love Lindsey’s energy, passion, and heart!

Lindsey is a wife and mom of 2 littles, and she created the online brand, Nourish Move Love, in 2015.  She had the desire to do something different with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, even though she didn’t know exactly how it would evolve.

Lindsey shares about how she laid the groundwork to leave her 9-5, the importance of consistency – putting herself out there everyday, and how she pushes through the doubts and the hard days.

We chat about keeping blinders on, commitment strong, and navigating the ongoing journey of work life balance in motherhood and what that looks like for each of us.

Connect with Lindsey on Instagram @nourishmovelove and at

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Molly Asplin

Molly Asplin

I founded Team Hustle With Heart, which is a powerhouse of dynamic women who are driven and committed. We value relationships, community, and believe in collaboration over competition. We are here to bring good to the world, make a difference, and dream bigger together.

I am married to my husband, Steve, and we have 2 little daughters. We love being outside, staying active together, and traveling as much as we can! I look forward to getting to know you better and want to thank you for being here – I am so grateful to do what I do everyday!

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