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An Inside Look Into My Summer Schedule with Molly Asplin

In this episode, I’m excited to share my strategies for balancing business goals with family time during the summer. I can’t stress enough the importance of intentional time management and planning to enhance productivity. I’m all about maintaining momentum and consistent effort throughout the summer to achieve long-term success.  

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00:02 Setting Up for Success 

I want to share with you how I set up my summer schedule for success. I’m all about finding that perfect balance between spending quality time with my family and achieving my business goals. Summer is such a wonderful time, and with the right planning, you can make the most of it without feeling overwhelmed.

01:01 Time Management 

Intentional time management is key. I make sure to plan my days so that I can hit my business targets while still enjoying all the fun summer activities. It’s all about being deliberate with how I use my time. By setting clear priorities and sticking to a schedule, I can ensure that both my professional and personal life get the attention they deserve.

02:01 Lists and Planning 

One of my go-to strategies is creating a weekly task list. I use Google Calendar to map out my week, ensuring that everything is organized and I know exactly what needs to be done and when. This visual representation of my tasks helps me stay on track and reduces the stress of last-minute planning. Plus, it allows me to see where I can fit in those spontaneous summer adventures!

03:58 Balancing Businesses

Balancing my focus between my BODi business and my Dream It Do It business can be challenging. I prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance, making sure both businesses get the attention they need. By categorizing tasks and setting specific goals for each business, I can manage my time more effectively and ensure that neither business falls behind.

06:56 Energy-Centric Schedule

I also take an energy-centric approach to scheduling. I align my most demanding tasks with my peak energy levels, ensuring that I’m working efficiently and effectively. For instance, I tackle complex projects in the morning when I’m most alert and save simpler tasks for the afternoon. This way, I can maintain high productivity without feeling drained.

14:01 Summer Sprint Mentality 

During the summer, I adopt a sprint mentality. I work intensely during the week and then take intentional time to rest and recover on the weekends. This helps me stay productive without burning out. By setting clear boundaries between work and relaxation, I can enjoy my weekends fully and return to work refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges.

16:08 Sustainability 

Lastly, I focus on long-term business sustainability. Consistent effort throughout the summer months is crucial for maintaining and growing my business. I’m all about steady progress and keeping the momentum going. By setting realistic goals and regularly reviewing my progress, I can ensure that my business continues to thrive even during the busy summer season.

Thank you for listening to this episode! Please take a screenshot and share your biggest takeaway on your Instagram stories and tag me @molly.asplin so that I can shout you out! Until next time, 

Molly Asplin

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