Taking A Chance On You- Confidence in Your Career & Motherhood with Realtor Kelly Mathisen

In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing mom, wife, and real estate agent, Kelly Mathisen! Kelly and I “met” on Instagram because I quickly noticed the messages around gratitude and personal development that she was sharing on her page, @sellwithkel …I loved her energy, outlook, and positivity.  We met for coffee shortly thereafter where I got to know her a bit more, and I left our conversation feeling super uplifted!

Confidence in Your Career & Motherhood

Kelly pivoted into Real Estate after being in a few different careers — she talks about how she took a chance on herself, stayed consistent & hardworking, and eventually saw her hard work pay off. Kelly and I chat about how we both lacked confidence growing up but learned the importance of personal development + growth mindset as we entered our careers and motherhood. 

Personal development specifics that Kelly mentions:

Kelly shares specific examples how how she intertwines her own personal development to help her kids, too, and I loved what she shares so much!

Connect with Kelly on Instagram @sellwithkel or email kelly.mathisen@cbburnet.com.

Molly Asplin

Molly Asplin

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