Bonus! Tips for Parents: Successful Back To School Routines with Elementary Teacher, Angie Kath

Back by popular demand– a bonus “Back To School Success” episode with my sister and kindergarten teacher, Angie Kath!

Angie and I previously chatted about the benefits of Routines for moms with littles in Episode 20, so make sure to also give that a listen!

This episode is perfect for moms (& dads) of elementary students heading back into the school year.  Angie shares about:

  • Transitioning into a new school year
  • Settling the nerves/separation anxiety
  • Routines and schedules
  • Homework 101!
  • Talking to your kids about school
  • Communicating with your child’s teachers

Please share this episode with any other moms or dads with children heading into the school year!  Feel free to share it with other teachers who may like to pass it along as well.

Happy Back to School-ing!

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