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Partnering Opportunity Webinar

I love that you are curious about becoming a health & fitness partner!

Maybe you’ve been following along with what I share on social media or in my fitness community and you’re curious to learn more about what we do.

Or, maybe you’re similar to how I was and just have a genuine interest in health and fitness and want to do something more with it!

To make things nice and simple, on Thursday evening at 8:00pm Central, I’m going to be sharing in a quick 30 min webinar about what Partners do, how we earn income, and my upcoming mentorship.

Our team is heading to some amazing places, and the momentum is so strong! I can’t wait to share more with you.

Register By  Thursday, April 18th








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It’s WILD to me how many women I talk to who really don’t love what they are doing for 40+ hours/week. And when we peel back the layers, the stress and time spent is holding them back from values & priorities that are actually really important to them.

When you do that for long enough, it feels empty. Like you’re trudging & grinding and you don’t even know why.

8 years ago I set out to create something that aligned with a future I really wanted – something with health & fitness, something where I could spend more time with a future family & my kids, empower other women, design my own schedule.

Ultimately— something that allowed me to build my own dream, not just someone else’s.

Now I help other women do the same. You have God given strengths within you that are meant to be used. Let’s put them to use. 🙌🏽

Please join us if you…

✔ You feel like you’re in a rat race some days, just going through the motions… Groundhogs day over and over again.
✔ You know that taking care of yourself needs to be a priority, even if you are currently struggling to do so.
✔ You desire to be a more energetic version of yourself who is passionate about life
✔ You are motivated to contribute to supporting yourself and your family
✔ You are looking for a deeper purpose beyond motherhood.
✔ You want to have both a career you love and be a mom who spends quality time with her kids.
✔ You have an entrepreneurial spirit, even if you don’t feel creative, you know you were meant for more.
✔ Don’t settle – grab this opportunity to learn if this could be your ticket to help your dreams become reality!


A little more info about this opportunity…

✔  You can do it full time or part time. For me, it started out very part time – maybe 1-2 hours a day. Now, it’s my full time gig… along with being a mom of 2!
✔ This is done all virtually, so you never need to physically show up anywhere.
✔ This is an opportunity to partner with Team BODi aka – the best fitness company around! If you decide to join us, you’d be signing up as a BODi brand partner w/ me…meaning I’d be your business mentor!!
✔ There is never any need to carry or keep inventory.
✔ All income you earn is 100% commission based with the opportunity to earn residual income.
✔ I teach you ALL THE THINGS! So, if you are thinking…..but I don’t know how to XYZ, I got you covered! More on that later this week.


Register for the Partner Info Session

April 18, 2024 08:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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